The Long Voyage Home


John Ford welded four of Eugene O'Neill's one-act plays about the sea, +Bound East for Cardiff, +The Long Voyage Home, +The Zone, and +Moon of the Caribees, into this melancholy film about wayfaring seamen, changing the setting from the turn of the century to WWII. This was O'Neill's favorite of the films based on his work, and he watched it often enough to eventually wear out his print. After a night of revelry in the West Indies, the crew of the SS Glencairn return to the tramp steamer and set sail for Baltimore. They're a varied lot, from middle-aged Irishman Driscoll (Thomas Mitchell), to the young Swedish ex-farmer Ole Olsen (John Wayne), to the brooding Lord Jim-like Englishman Smitty (Ian Hunter). After the ship picks up a load of dynamite in Baltimore, the rough seas they encounter become especially nerve-racking to the crew, who are also concerned that Smitty might be a German spy.

Genre:Drama, Classics
Directed By:John Ford
Written By:Eugene O'NeillDudley Nichols
In Theaters:
On DVD:Jun 6, 2006
Customer Reviews :

1. Boasting enigmatic performances from both Liam Neeson and Forest Whitaker, 
Tak3n manages to still be a considerably good movie

By Josh on February 27, 2015

I'll be honest, I have both Taken and Taken 2 in my collection. I did not really see a need for a 3rd, but we all know movie studios (namely Fox) capitalize off of a franchise they see to be successful. And that being said we have the movie Tak3n.

Tak3n brings back Bryan Mills who again is trying to live a normal life. Bryan's ex-wife Lenore is having second thoughts about her current marriage to Stuart-and beginning to rekindle her feelings toward Bryan. After Bryan later receives a text from Lenore requesting to meet at his place to bring bagels, Bryan buys the bagels and arrives home; but what he arrives home to is something not even he saw coming.

Liam Neeson is fantastic once again as the character Bryan Mills. Possessing both uncanny intelligence and elite fighting skills, he shows an unstoppable determination to solve the mystery of the movie. Maggie Grace does a great job too as his daughter Kim-which in all the movies, I think the bond they share gives these movies a more emphatic vibe; a man going high and low to ensure the safety of the people he cares most about. Famke Janssen returns as Lenore and does a good job, while Dougray Scott plays her ever so insecure husband Stuart. And Forest Whitaker does a Really nice job playing Inspector Franck Dotzler. He's not as easily fooled as the other cops in the movie are, and he and Bryan go back and forth with each other in terms of who's telling the truth and who isn't.

The action in the movie is similar to the action scenes in the others, but there are still a few more explosions and surprises to be had in the movie. The story progresses mostly as it should; BUT at a point in the movie I kept telling myself things are becoming a little too predictable which is not exciting for a movie of this caliber. Sometimes the lines an actor says just feels like it can be a bit too much/'unnecessary for the type movie this is. Then too, the primary villain just is uninteresting and does not look exactly threatening. Even so, Taken 3 or (Tak3n if you prefer) manages to still be a worthy successor to the 2nd movie even if it's not better than the first; due to the lead actors/actresses, the action sequences, and the different direction of the (not entirely satisfying) but still good story.

All this being said, while Taken 3(or Tak3n if you prefer) is nowhere near the quality of the 2008 film, my sincere hope is that you enjoy it because Taken 3 is

An Above Average Experience

Rated PG-13

Starring: Liam Neeson, Famke Janssen, Maggie Grace, Forest Whitaker, Dougray Scott , Leland Orser, Sam Spruell,


By TheDcGAMeZ on March 20, 2015

People will never give a good movie a chance if it's either a sequel or it comes off a not so good last movie. But seriously people!?!?! This was a great movie, still not better then the first Taken but still great. I assume you know what happens because we have all seen it in the trailer. People make jokes, What's getting taken this time? Well to answer, nobody physically is being taken. HIS LIFE is being Taken. That was the purpose of this movie. 1st Movie-Kim, 2nd-Lenny, 3rd-HIS LIFE. And that is something I really didn't think of when this movie was in the works and I was generally surprised. The acting in this movie is great and the detective was cool to watch. The only really negative I can say is the ending of this movie, I mean it was okay but I wish it was longer. But regardless, still a great movie and BUY IT!


By The Movie Guy on February 28, 2015

They didn't remake the same film again, but used the same characters. I am not sure who was "taken" in this one. Now after the second film, I thought Bryan (Liam Neeson) and Lenore (Famke Janssen) were a sure thing to get back together, but apparently he didn't get so much as "thank you" nookie from it. What does a guy got to do? She is still with the guy we hate (Dougray Scott).

In this film Bryan is accused of murder and must go after the real killers while the LAPD led by Forest Whitaker are hot on his tail. Oh yea, the Russians are involved too, which are more formidable than Albanians in LA. I wasn't sure why Kim (Maggie Grace) would say "Dad is predictable," apparently she was in a coma for the first two features. Unfortunately the film is like a combination of Colombo and Scooby-Doo. There are not enough suspects developed to make it overly interesting, and the entertainment is watching all the collateral damage caused by Liam only to be later ignored by the LAPD. We have digressed to car chase scenes and car crashes for excitement.

This was not a great script. I think most fans of the series could have come up with something better. Admittedly I was bit disappointed, yet still entertained. It was like kissing your sister.

Guide: 1 f-bomb with Russian accent. No sex or nudity.

4. A MUST Watch Movie!

By Courtney TOP 100 REVIEWER on March 10, 2015

This movie was definitely something so worth watching.
The action, the suspense, the shooting, fighting, everything was played out so perfectly & it was something I enjoyed greatly.
Taken 1 & 2, are most probably on my top 10 movies ever, & this one is no exception.
I love that the same characters play in this movie & its just a GREAT story that was told.
The story of taken 3 is basically that Ex-government operative, Bryan Mills is accused of a murder he never committed or witnessed.
As he is tracked and pursued, Mills brings out his particular set of skills to find the true killer & clears his name.
Plus, you know "Liam Neeson" is such an awesome actor, so this movie was bound to be off the hook!
It's a spy action/thriller, it's meant to be fun and it is. A MUST watch movie!

5. A movie that was taken too seriously

By ewf15 on April 16, 2015

I've read a lot of these reviews about this movie and ppl have chosen to call Liam Neeson a hypocrite and for what making a movie where he uses guns because he doesn't believe in using them in real life. Guess what??? It's a movie that's all it is and if anyone of us could make money doing what he does. We would do it in a heartbeat. As for the movie it self there is a lot of things that would never happen in real life but then again it's just a movie. I thought Liam Neeson had a nice game of cat and mouse which made the film entertaining. Was it as good as the first now but it is worth a watch and for those that take movies too seriously maybe you need to look elsewhere.